The first company in Brazil focused
on managing venues and special projects
linked to sport and entertainment

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When few in the Brazilian market believed in concepts such as naming rights and mixed-use operations, some professionals worked to revolutionize the sports and entertainment market in the country, with the projects of Teatro Santander and  Allianz Parque.

From then on, other ventures began to demand the know-how that these professionals developed. The first company in Brazil focused on venues and special projects related to sports and entertainment, part of the DC Set Group, one of the entertainment giants in South America.

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We are a new company, born with
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Heraldo Neto


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    Pedreiras Park

    The Pedreiras's Park is an environmental conservation unit that houses two of the main concert and show venues in Curitiba: the Opera de Arame Theater and the Paulo Leminski Quarry.

    Main pole of the creative economy of Paraná.

    It receives around 1.2 million people per year.

    Paulo Leminski Quarry: Capacity of 26 thousand.

    Over 20 major shows per year.

    Ópera de Arame: Capacity of 2.1 thousand.

    20 events per year between shows, plays and events.

  • CASE

    Santander Theather

    Largest naming right theater in Brazil.

    With the same multipurpose concept as Allianz Parque, the Teatro Santander, inaugurated in march 2016, quickly consolidated itself as the main stage in Brazil for corporate events, major musical events and shows, with over 300 events per year.

  • CASE

    Visa's Section on Brazilian Footbal

    First Naming Rights Section of Brazilian Soccer.

    In partnership with Visa, an exclusive area has been created in large arenas and also offering an important convenience to clients. They have the possibility to generate an E-Ticket for access to games which is verified with the physical card itself, in addition the customer benefits from marked location and purchase in advance.

  • CASE

    Brasil Kirin Theather

    A result of more than R$ 13 million in investments, it shelters one of the most modern scenic mechanisms in the country and adds innovative concepts of acoustics and scenic equipment that are compatible to those of the main Brazilian show venues.

  • CASE

    SulAmérica in partnership with Iguatemi

    SulAmérica invests R$ 11 million in a partnership with Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers to offer car insurance customers discounts on parking fees at the following malls: Iguatemi São Paulo, JK Iguatemi, Market Place, Iguatemi Alphaville, Iguatemi Campinas and Iguatemi Brasília.

    The purpose of communication is to reach not only the insured, but also the clients who circulate daily through the enterprises.